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5 digital marketing tips for small business

Digital marketing is the use of the Internet, mobile devices, social media, search engines, and other platforms to reach clients. Marketing techniques based on digital technology have grown significantly in recent years. Businesses and well-known brands have already carved out significant territory in the digital realm, but this does not imply that they will continue to do so. these five tips will help you overcome your digital marketing challenges. 


SEO is the art and science of getting found online through people searching for relevant terms in Google or other search engines.

There are really 3 main aspects to SEO:

  • researching what people are searching for in your industry
  • writing valuable, helpful relevant content that answers these searchers questions
  • getting other websites to link back to this content

With successful SEO, you can expand your reach to new audiences and online communities dramatically. Attract them to your website where you can hopefully convert them to paying customers.

Optimize social media

Where does your audience spend their time? Are they on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? As is true for any digital marketing strategy, a business must be visible on the social media sites where their targeted customers are spending their time. Find out where your audience spends their time online through demographic studies and market research. Then, draft relevant and compelling posts to reach them and work to build a quality profile on those platforms.

Event marketing

Event marketing is an experience-based marketing strategy where brands promote their business through in-person or digital events such as classes, conferences, or happy hour events. Connecting with people in person or at events can create a stronger bond that can be leveraged to drive sales, increase brand trust, and build brand awareness.

Now that we’ve covered some core marketing strategies for small businesses, let’s talk about how to figure out which marketing strategy will be successful for your brand.

Incorporate Videos And GIFs

Gone are the days of reading through wordy messages in your inbox. People want content that’s amusing and easy to digest, which makes videos and GIFs primary candidates for improving mobile strategies.

Nearly 75% of people prefer to watch a video when learning about a new product, regardless of how much time it takes.


Besides communicating with customers, digital marketing lets you track their activities. You can monitor which ads and types of content they have seen shortly before they make a purchase. This tells you which marketing methods are most effective, allowing you to refine and improve your strategy.

Choose one of the strategies above, and start putting it to work for your business. Once you have that one down, try another, and tailor it to your brand. Let’s get started in exploring the online opportunities for your business. 

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