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Tips for marketing on Pinterest in 2022

Pinterest is a social media platform where users browse, share, and save the content they like. Pinterest marketing is a little bit different from other social media platforms, you can’t talk to other people, but you can post cool stuff and also save them on the board you create. Pinterest marketing is a powerful way to grow your business, market your brand, and increase your overall online presence. Below are the top five tips for Pinterest marketing.

Make Your Pins Buyable

Buyable Pins let people buy your products without ever leaving Pinterest. Did you know 93% of users use the platform as an inspirational tool to plan purchases, and the Average Order Value of Pinners is higher than every other major social media channel, at a whopping $50? Every eCommerce company needs to give their customers the chance to purchase their products through all the channels they interact with them. Think, if the customer can’t buy a product through you, they will ultimately just go to another provider.

Follow Pinterest’s Style Guidelines

The ideal ratio for pins hasn’t changed; it has always been a 2:3 ratio. The newest guideline from Pinterest is 1000px wide x 1500px long. When deciding on photos to use for your pins, choose lifestyle shots over product images every time. Lifestyle images grab the pinner’s attention and are more effective at getting clicks than product shots. Go for high-resolution, high-quality images that are clear and simple. Pins that are too “busy” often get scrolled right by. You want someone to stop and actually take a minute to look at your pin and then click on it. And be sure to check your own pins to see how they look on mobile devices as 80% of Pinterest users are on their devices while scrolling.

Group boards

Group boards help brands to project a shared board, so that invited followers can Pin there. This has a twin advantage: of engaging users and gathering user-generated content to repin and share.

More Video Pins

Part of keeping your pins fresh for 2021 will be using as many video pins as you can muster. Right now, Pinterest is favoring them so hop right on that train and make sure you are including video in your strategy. Don’t have video content? There are plenty of creative ways to make some! 

Create Pins every day

Consistency is the key, and to become a successful professional; you should post new pins every day. Create about 10-20 pins every day. Posting every day will help you in increasing your reach and customer engagement with your brand products. Social media scheduling tools in Pinterest ensure users to plan and schedule their pins in advance. You can also schedule pins on Pinterest. Check the analytics to understand the reach of your posts and find out what type of posts are doing better.

Hopefully, it will get you started on Pinterest and not feel too overwhelming. When you get it down the system is easy and truly can bring a lot of traffic to your website or shop. 

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