Elite Foot And Ankle Specialists

When you think of foot conditions, you probably think of something like an athlete’s foot or heel spurs. While these are common foot health issues, they are far from the only ones. Do you suffer from foot pain or discomfort? Do you have an old or new injury or chronic problem impacting your ability to perform everyday activities? You’ve come to the right place! Dr. Katie Gusching takes great pride in providing you with quality podiatry care. She believes healthy feet are crucial to a healthy lifestyle, so she is eager to help alleviate foot pain and other concerns through non-surgical interventions. Sometimes, your feet just need a little extra attention. Elite Foot and Ankle Specialists are here to help if you have orthopedic injuries from inactivity or are just looking to improve your general comfort. Dr. Katie Gusching is a Cartersville podiatrist who understands that an essential part of her job is identifying non-medical mistakes causing foot ailments and supporting her patients’ efforts toward healthy lifestyles.