Taste Buds Matter LLC
Vegetarian , Vegan, Orthodox Cuisine that creates & modifies meal plans , recipes, & products based on your food preferences , allergens , likes and dislikes. Forming a collaborative  nutritional diet plan suitable

 Creative Menu Development- encourages clients to feel comfortable with trying new dishes that can connect to crowd, theme parties & celebrations and without a doubt tasty.    

    I am a traveling holistic executive chef and creative cultural caterer  with proven skills in food production & health awareness, event coordination, community affairs, as well as youth and elder advocacy. 

     I have a passion for the arts. My creativity expands within the department of education, areas that are emotionally , mentally , and physically vulnerable, individuals who are most neglected in society, and those who choose to obtain knowledge of nutritional wellness with power over self through food. My experience as an demonstrative hybrid educator allows the learner to select beneficial content that can result in a well balanced lifestyle and overall health. 

     I focus on all aspects of food security that encourage individuals to cook and feed their mind, body and soul ultimately leading to inner healing. I also create and modify recipes, menus, and meal plans based on clients' food preferences and dietary requests.

     My abilities as a chef teaches and promotes the way towards a happy comfortable life by incorporating culinary arts with interchangeable learning techniques that enhance taste buds and hands on fruitful experience