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How to boost your Facebook engagement free and fast?

Why is engagement rate important? Because it tells you how individuals interact with your Facebook content. Gaining Likes and traffic to our Facebook Pages is definitely a top goal. Meanwhile, increasing engagement should always be a priority. When fans interact with your content, leave comments on your Page and participate in a discussion, it shows that they’re developing trust in your brand. Engagement rate is an indicator of whether individuals find your content interesting, resonant, and worth interacting with. But how do you get that interaction and engagement started? What’s the magical formula for an update that people will share or like or comment on?

Know your audience

When making posts to your company’s Facebook page, it’s essential to know who your customers are, when they’re most active online, and what it is that truly interests them. Facebook Insights can go a long way in providing useful information, but you can also assess some of your most well-liked and best-performing posts yourself.

Try to find commonalities in them to help pinpoint specific things your audience enjoys the most. 

Video content

Facebook provides an individual section allowing users to post video only, which is known as Watch. Obviously, they want you to post more videos and will boost this type of post. That’s why posting videos is highly recommended to online businesses if they want to improve their marketing strategy. It is important for any business to get started in using video marketing in regular strategies. here are more video content strategy.

Use Questions, Surveys, and Polls

Question posts have the second-highest engagement, even higher than images. The direct and personal feel to questions makes this possible. When you use questions and other related types of posts like surveys and polls, your audience feel you value them enough to seek their opinions and are more likely to engage with your posts. 

Reaching your audience on Facebook is harder than ever. But remember this: Facebook remains one of the biggest players in the social media marketing game, and a large, loyal following can easily translate to loyal customers. Build that loyalty through meaningful posts and authentic formats, and the results will show in your engagements.


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