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5 easy ways to optimize your Instagram feed

How does your Instagram feed look? How does it flow? Does it inspire you or others? When new potential followers click on your Instagram profile for the first time, whether they like it or not… but they may judge your account based on the appearance of your feed. This may affect their decision whether to follow you.Think of the Instagram feed as your Instagram homepage. It is your chance to convey with images what your brand is about.

Property photos 

Property photos give the audience an image to envision when they’re imagining themselves living in your community. Post these at least once per week in a wide variety—pictures of the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and other areas of your apartments should be sprinkled evenly throughout the calendar so prospects can get a good preview of their potential new home.

Plan & Schedule Accordingly

When someone clicks on your profile, you have a few seconds to capture their attention. Your top 9 images will define if you’re worthy of a follow or if they should move on and keep looking to other images on their feed. Take a step back from posting and look at your Instagram feed as a whole entity: a cohesive group of images that work in unison to share your story. 

Pay attention to your caption

Words also have a key role in the feed. Instagram followers pay attention because of the images, but they stay because of the captions.

Use captions to teach your followers the things they want to learn. Provide doable steps to help them reach their goals. Direct them to act on issues they care about. Keep them informed about your brand. Entertain them. Empathize with them.

Consistent and Relevant Brand Voice and Tone 

All captions and engagement with followers use language that is consistent with and relevant to the brand’s target audience. One brand may use a modern approach with slang, while another may use a professional and informative approach. 

Color-coordinate your Instagram feed

Wondering how to make your Instagram pretty? Try adding splashes of color to your visual planning approach! Firstly, decide how many colors you want to use. The type and location of photos you take most often will probably influence your color selection. Use a filter that makes your Instagram feed colors pop.

While creating an Instagram feed strategy takes some preparation and careful planning, it’s not the only thing to do if you want your IG channel to attract followers. One of the most important things about running an IG feed is being personal and showing who you are.

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