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Beginners guide to Facebook live for business: 4 practical tips

There’s no denying that Facebook LIVE has changed the game, especially if you are a personal brand. However, just pressing the red Go Live button doesn’t mean that you’re actually doing it the best way. The way that will net you the most viewers, quality engagement, and an overall increase in conversions and impact for your brand or company. It’s easy to understand how celebrities and influencers might use Facebook Live video. But, what about ecommerce businesses?

If you are planning about how to start an online video streaming business, live streaming can provide an effective marketing strategy to grow your business. Just like any other marketing practice, you must have a well-planned strategy to promote your business in the right way. When you are going to use live streaming as an effective marketing strategy, there are some things you must consider.

Showcase new products

This method is particularly popular in the tech and cosmetics industry. Give your audience a sneak-peak at your latest device, or a tutorial for your newest cosmetics release. Your audience will enjoy seeing your products in action, without any editing to disguise its shortcomings.

Tell your brand story

What does your brand stand for? No doubt, you know the answer, but does your audience know?Live streams allow you to consistently hammer your brand values and let your audience know what you stand for.

Experiment with Interviews

Interviews are great because then you can share your content with audiences. You can also earn a bit of clout by interviewing an industry professional, positioning your brand as a great source of information in your niche. Then, viewers have an opportunity to ask the interviewee questions, again drumming up more visibility.

Run live online courses

You can run online courses for customers as a value added service. For instance, a company manufacturing photographic equipment can offer online courses that teach customers how to capture spectacular photos and videos. In fact, you can keep the course open to all your Facebook fans, so that even potential customers will be drawn to your equipment. When they see the amazing results that can be achieved with your products.

These are a few ways businesses can use Facebook Live. At first, it might be daunting, but the more you do it, the more you’ll want to keep doing it. Just remember to smile and share your link to your ​Facebook group​ if you have one!

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