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A Guide for Beginners:How to Make Money on YouTube?

YouTube is a fantastic source for artists looking to increase their exposure through the internet while potentially getting paid in the process. You may be thinking that you would need millions of subscribers in order to earn money from Youtube that would justify your effort. But while the number of subscribers is important to earn money, you may be able to earn even without having such a large number of subscribers. You just have to be smart enough to have the right monetization strategy to make the best of the content you create. 

Lets dive.

Join the YouTube Partner Program

The first step to making money on YouTube is to join the YouTube Partner program. Partnership gives content creators access to special tools, such as the ability to monetize their videos via Google Adsense. To qualify, content creators must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of accumulated watch time over the prior 12-month period. YouTube gives the content creator 55% of this revenue and takes 45% for itself. This is the most common way for people to earn money on YouTube. 

Check out YouTube Premium

AdSense isn’t the only way partners can make money on YouTube. You can also make videos available on YouTube Premium, which is the site’s ad-free subscription service. You’ll earn a portion of the revenue from membership fees, based on how much members view your videos.

Work with Sponsorships

Working with sponsorships is a great way to boost your earnings on YouTube. As your audience and viewership grow, brands will approach you to create videos on their behalf with product placements. Most brands pay extremely well for quality videos that help them achieve their business objectives and influencer marketing seems to be growing in popularity. Direct promotion of this kind is basically like affiliate marketing, but with a slight difference. 

The advertising companies pay you a fixed amount to collaborate with your YouTube channel. The amount you charge varies, and it depends on the quality of your videos, as well as your popularity. 


Crowdfunding is the practice of raising money from a large number of people, whether it’s friends, family or third parties interested in your project. This is a viable option for making money on YouTube if you’re looking for monthly revenue or a one-time donation to jumpstart your efforts.whether it’s selling merchandise or creating affiliate content – depends on your marketing efforts and the number of fans you have.

As with many things, the answer isn’t black-and-white. You might start out making some extra cash on the side – and later, with enough hard work and persistence, make a comfortable living out of it. We recommend experimenting with different monetization options to find the choice that’s best for you and will make you the most money.

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