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How pet influencers make money on TikTok – 3 easy ways

TikTok is changing the game, by offering a new way of business. It is no secret that creators who’ve gained lots of following on TikTok can generate revenue and make money.

Pet influencers, “the most popular animals on TikTok”, are definitely part of the famous TikTokers and money-making groups on the platform.

#petoftiktok has always been one of the most trending hashtags and reached 59.5 billion views. There are so many pet owners have made their dogs or cats TikTok-famous with adorable videos. While people are showing unconditional love and companionship for your pets, they are also willing to spend dollars for your brands.

So, how does a pet owner turn their pet posts into a revenue stream? What the easiest and best ways can you make money on TikTok with your dog?

This article can help you get started, check out three things you can do to make a nice income with pets.

Make your pet famous

Our first tip is focusing on one type of pet

There are many categories of pet accounts on TikTok. For example, in the category of dogs alone, there are husky, golden retriever, border collie, corgi, shepherd, samoyed, alaska, teddy, labrador, chihuahuas, German blackback, poodles and many more.

It is recommended that you create videos and use hashtages based on one type of pet. If you like husky, keep posting contents of husky that can attract exactly the lovers of husky.`

If you post huskies one minute and corgis the next, it either won’t work or the cluttered category won’t be helpful for the account to get massive in popularity.

Our second tip to make your pet famous is using hashtags

As we mentioned earlier in this article that #petoftiktok is trending on TikTok, there are also other related hashtags to use, such as #doglove, #catsoftiktok, #dogsoftiktok, #funny, #puppy, etc. For inspiration, look at some most viewed dog videos from famous pet influencers, like @twiniboo and @otis_thelab.

Our third tip is posting regularly

When one of your videos go viral, you should keep posting videos to hold up traffic with volume. Usually a video with hundreds of thousands of views can get you a few hundred followers.

Continuously posting videos means that the account will again have popular videos and gain more followers. However, there will be some fall back after reaching 10,000.

TikToks Creator Fund

You can start to make money on TikTok with your pet’s account using The platform’s Creator Fund. It is an incentive to steer TikTokers to make viral content that people would like to share, and then people stay longer on the platform.

However, you have to have a “Personal” account, instead of a “business” account, and make sure you post original contents, meaning you create content yourself.

Partnership with brands

Now that you (your dog) are a pet influencer with a large and engaged following, you are very much likely approached by TikTok’s brands that want to collaborate with you.

Working with pet influencers is a crucial and effective TikTok strategy. Pet brands are recognizing the value that a celebrity pet can bring to their marketing efforts. And it is a perfect way to match your obsession with pets and making money on TikTok.

Posting short videos of your pet with a pet toy or food on your TikTok can help a brand grow, and connect the brand to the right audience and targeted customers. In return, pet owners can earn thousands of dollars creating content for brands.

There are not only pet food manufacturers and pet toy companies, but also fashion brands or vacuum makers open to you to partner with and generate income.

Make your pet sell

And, the way for pet influencers to make money on TikTok is not just the sponsorship or affiliate marketing. Why not create your own pet clothes brand, or sell merchandise from your Shopify store?

The Gen Z and millennials, and TikTok love pets are the targeted customers of pet care products. You can create interesting pet-related videos, and and sell your products to your audience direct.

If you’re serious about making a TikTok pet influencer your full-time gig, make yourself an expert. Share instructional courses, tell people how to train their dogs, and recommend the type of food for cats. It important for your audience to think you are knowledgeable and listen to your advice. Therefore, when it comes to make a purchase for their pets, they trust you and your products.

In Closing

So you see, you can really make money on TikTok being a pet influencer. All you have to do — making your pet famous on TikTok among pet lovers. Then explore the three ways we list in this article, and hold for the payback.

After all, who could ever turn down a cute pet?

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