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How to craft an effective Instagram content strategy?

The Instagram content strategy differentiates between an account with a ton of engagement and a non-active account. Instagram users today use it as a marketing tool for their products. This is because of its large number of users and engagement. You may think all you need is an attractive and eye-catchy Instagram profile. But, you will need more than that to attract your target audience to your page. With the help of the right Instagram content strategy, you will identify the things your audience likes. It will also guide you on how to please and win your followers over.

1. Showcase Your Product Features

Demonstrate your product as it is. Let the potential clients understand that your product is worth investing in. Every business has its specific features, so reveal and show them to your audience!  

In fact, you can tap into videos and Instagram stories to highlight your product features and convert your audience into customers.You can read more about Instagram Stories Insights and equipped with all the information required to track the right metrics.

2.Make it beautiful

All visual content should be stunning – whether it’s an impromptu live stream or a fully produced video. Some of the videos you produce on Instagram might be slightly lower in quality than other clips. However, you should always be aiming for a pristine brand image. Consider things like white borders to keep your content looking clean. Maintain consistent presets, so you’re not constantly switching between filters, and keep the colour themes that matter to your brand in mind.

3.Creating an Algorithm-Friendly Strategy

Why do some of our posts get wild engagement and others seem like a waiting room with one sexy spam bot and two followers? And most importantly, how can we ensure the content we work really hard to create reaches the people that matter most? While, sadly, there aren’t any definitive “hacks” for beating the algorithm per se, there are a few solid ways to ensure your content strategy is mindful of how the algorithm works and is properly equipped to reach the top of your audience’s feed. 

4.Mobile considerations

Almost every Instagrammer accesses the app through mobile. The most important consideration while posting your Instagram content should be the image dimension. Instagram posts are in square shape. The optimal sizes are 1080 pixels wide by 566 pixels to 1350 pixels high. Uploading a high resolution relevant image is necessary to get engagement too!

Social media trends change by the hour. Make sure to always stay on top of your game. Read industry news, observe your competition, listen to your audience, and look for shifts in your performance. When you feel that your strategy is no longer as relevant as it first was, run another audit and make revisions.

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