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How to drive sales on social media?

Social media may not be the best platform for hard sales but it’s a great channel to guide your customers through every stage of the sales funnel. Using social media to sell can include having a native shop on the social media platform, “buy buttons”, and other ways that customers can buy from you without ever leaving the social media platform they’re on.

How does this benefit you? When people are browsing social media, they’re searching for entertainment of some sort. However, if they stumble across something they want or need, you can make it simple for them to stay right there on the social platform and buy it. Here are 5 ways to drive sales on social media.

Promote free shipping

During the holiday season, people purchase the majority of their buys online. Shipping costs when buying online can add up, especially if customers buy from multiple companies. Offer free shipping to those who click on a link from your Facebook or Twitter account. You’ll be tickled with how many new “likes” and followers you can get from this promotion, not to mention the boost in sales.

Make friends with influencers

A good Instagram influencer marketing strategy can help you get high traffic and more engagement, which ultimately brings higher returns. To increase the number of sales generated by influencer content, provide influencers with a discount code or promo link. Their followers look for purchase recommendations and advice, so it should come as no surprise that increasingly brands are turning to influencers to promote their products.

Advertise your product to reach wider

People like your page on social media because they are interested in your product. However, for businesses, there is a fall in organic reach on social media, which is why they need to put extra efforts to make sure their products are being seen by the target audience. Social media ads boost your reach and can help you achieve millions of views on your posts. This in turn, gives your product the promotion you want for it and ultimately brings you more leads.

 Tell your brand story

Each of your brand’s visual touchpoints should take your target market on your journey. When done right, these channels allow you to repeatedly build on that story by virtue of steady exposure.

Since you’re likely a great marketer, then you’re already plenty familiar with the fact that igniting emotion with your material is the key to hooking customers and making sales. Social media is a hot bed for sentimental triggers. Exploit it.

Include a link in your bio

The main challenge with driving sales on Instagram is that you can’t include links with individual posts. You only get one chance to link to your site, and it’s in the brief bio on your profile page. One way to avoid this is by adding a “featured on Instagram” page to your site, and adding a link to it in your bio. offers you the solution to this problem.

Social media is becoming more popular with young and senior audiences. Many companies are beginning to see these platforms as a great way to reach their customers. You’ll miss something fast and cheap if you don’t leverage social media in your digital marketing strategy. Have you used social media to increase your sales?

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