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How to Increase your TikTok Engagement Rate?


TikTok offers users a variety of methods to engage with the content and let the algorithm know what they would like to watch. You can determine the general success of your TikTok content by looking at TikTok engagement rates. Increasing your engagement rate is one of the finest strategies to expand your TikTok account to ensure that the algorithm can help you become more visible.

When visitors are willing to spend their hours watching your videos on TikTok, your engagement levels increase. And you can only do that if your reels incorporate humor, creativity, and TikTok’s built-in features! However, certain tactics could make or break your TikTok engagement strategy. It takes natural likes, shares, comments, partnerships, and more to succeed on TikTok. 

What is TikTok’s engagement rate?

An effective measure of a brand’s reputation and reach on TikTok is engagement. Metrics called engagement rates to show how highly your audience is engaged with your material. The ratio of views to likes, comments, and shares on TikTok is known as the engagement rate. Through “likes,” “comments,” and social sharing, interested customers engage with brands. The effectiveness of brand initiatives is frequently evaluated using the engagement rate as a statistic. You’ll definitely require a high degree of interaction if you want to establish collaborations and monetise your TikTok account. Brands employ technologies to evaluate the user engagement of the influencer they hire.

With this initial interaction, you’ll also be able to develop an active following and expand your network as you post and share content.

A TikTok video’s average interaction rate in 2020 was 17.5%, which is significantly greater than that of websites like Instagram as well as Youtube etc.

To increase your visibility, it’s necessary to learn how to make the most of it.

How to calculate TikTok engagement rate

There are several TikTok engagement calculators and different methods for calculating your engagement rates, but these are the two that are generally preferred:

((Number of Comments + Number of Likes) / Number of followers) *100


((Number of Comments + Number of likes + Number of Shares) / Number of Followers) *100

The TikTok Analytics platform contains metrics for example; comments, follow, and shares that you can use to figure out your TikTok reach and engagement rates using this formula.

How to improve TikTok engagement rate

While creating a thriving and active audience on other platforms can take a lot of time, doing it on TikTok is considerably easier and quicker. Despite the fact that the mechanism behind TikTok is not fully known, many experts agree that perhaps the social network only shows content to a selected few users when publishing. If this content is well-received by this small group of people, it will instantly be made available to a much larger audience.

So, how can you make a remark?


You must consistently post! Why is it the case? TikTok consumers love content. So don’t be afraid to use methods to plan out all of your postings beforehand, including Preview or Later, if you are concerned that you won’t have time to publish frequently. There are several tools available to make the experience on social networks simpler. 

Collaborations | utilize the Duo and Collage feature

You can collaborate with several other creators on TikTok by posting your clips next to theirs using the Duo function. The Collage tool operates on the same principle but enables you to take a portion of another user’s video and respond to it. These two exclusive TikTok features are quite effective and can expand your audience as well as increase your visibility and interaction rate. If you employ a video from an influential celebrity, just think of how many prospective users you could bring in!

Be innovative and updated.

Don’t surrender to the attraction of the automated features that many websites provide. Take the time to engage with the TikTok community yourself. Your personal as well as those of other users. Whether they’re influencers in your sector, you can interact with them by liking, commenting, and sharing their work.

Share when your viewers are most likely to notice you.

Posting at hours when your viewers and followers on social media on average will be most engaged is essential for attracting the most engagement. If you post at the wrong time, it’s possible that very few people will interact with it because it can get lost among all the others. 

Take part in trends and challenges

It’s critical to participate in the community and abide by the social network’s rules in order to boost your visibility on TikTok. Every week, there are a huge amount of trendy challenges to choose from. If one fits your editorial stance, don’t be afraid to try it out. This will make it simple for people to find you when they use the trending TikTok hashtags related to these challenges.

Be innovative and current.

It’s simple to comprehend the videos TikTok’s algorithm promotes under the “For You” page. This is because most of these are somewhere between ten and twenty seconds in length and feature current hits. Additionally, many videos feature between one and three hashtags in their captions, frequently the most popular ones. Also, be original! Reusing existing Youtube clips or any other content on TikTok is not a good idea because of the platform’s format and target demographic.


More than ever, TikTok is indeed increasingly popular. You must devote enough time to understanding the platform and coming up with inventive ways to captivate your audience with your TikTok content. Regularly post new information, and never sacrifice quality. These are just a few tips To help you quickly increase your TikTok engagement rates. You can also join various TikTok engagement groups to interact with several other users to market likes and views. 

You must continue to be persistent, thorough, and patient regarding your TikTok advertising strategies because it is a process that takes time. There is absolutely no turning back once the icebreaker is discovered!

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