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How to make your Linkr page effective?

When you put your on your social account, you must expect it to bring you high conversions. Then a good-looking Linkr page and high-quality link contents are crucial. Here are some tips to help you design an outstanding Linkr page.

  1. Know your audience

Always put the audience in the first place. Determine your goals before working on your page. Do you want to enhance brand influence or sell goods? People respond better to things that are highly relevant to them, therefore you need to identify your audience and understand their preferences. You could accomplish this through extensive investigation or contact your fans directly. After determining your audience, you can start making link content.

2. Attractive Bio description

The most attractive part of your entire page is your introduction, which is the first content that the audience reads after they come to your Linkr page. It is not recommended to contain too long text, which makes visitors lose patience. Encourage users to use emoticons and other features to make the profile look beautiful and distinctive. Making your description look interesting will improve your conversion directly and effectively.

3. Fascination links title

Now that you know your audience, set the title of the link in the language that is appropriate for them. It is better to catch their most interesting points in a few simple words, such as: “Lose 10 pounds in a month? Tap it.” It is unnecessary to use official formal words; kind words can shorten the distance between you and your audience.

If you have a high-quality picture that is attractive enough, you don’t have to use the text title, and it is absolutely okay to use the photo only to attract viewers to click.

4. Font style

Paid users can change the font style of the page. Appropriate informal font style can make your content looks funny, but it is not recommended that you use styles too different for the description, main title, and link title, which will make the page look messy and unprofessional.

5. Make it clear and professional

You don’t want to make your Linkr page look messy. After understanding your audience, create the links they should be interested in the most. Too many links will put the visitor at a loss.

You can use a picture as the background, but it is not recommended to put too many links on the page if the picture is rich in color. . If you are using a monochrome theme, a longer and more descriptive title is fine. Choose a theme color for your entire page. The color combination of the image and the background can make your page look professional. And a page that looks professional and safe will effectively increase your conversion.

6. Add a video

People are more willing to read animated content, which is more attractive than simple photos. If you are able to produce a high-quality video, you must put it up to improve your conversion. The video should not be too long, short videos are extremely popular these years!

7. Analyze data

Paying users can see the detailed click-and-view data of each link. Does it surprise you to see your most visited links? Find out what is the reason for its highest click rate, and then improve the content of other links with low conversion rates. You can change your links and test them multiple times, be patient and see if your clicks are increasing.

Paid users also support the insertion of third-party plug-ins to analyze more detailed information. This information is especially important to you, it clearly tells you what your link problem is.

8. Join the Pro plan

Free users can design and share Linkr anywhere, but paid users enjoy more features and privileges (Exp: add pictures to the background, change the font style, and analyze detailed click-and-view data, etc.). Considering becoming a paid user to bring you more powerful features if you want to make a unique and distinctive Linkr page.

An outstanding Linkr page needs continuous improvement. The Linkr technical team will continue to introduce more powerful features to improve the user experience. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We sincerely wish you can achieve your goals by using

This is a simple example; you may use your imagination to make the page more unique:

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