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7 best link In bio Instagram tools for 2022: features & pricing

When’s the last time you swap out your Instagram link in bio? Minutes ago?

Needless to say, Instagram is powerful. And it is all about bringing you fame overnight and growing your business rapidly. However, there is one obvious “bug” — You can add only a single link in bio for your Instagram profile.

You don’t have to suffer this one-link limit any more.

With 7 best link in bio Instagram tools listed in this article, now you can add multiple links on your Instagram bio. What’s more, they can magically help to promote any of your contents, websites, online shop, drive traffic, drive sales, and turn followers into customers. Influencers, brands, and marketers that aren’t yet leveraging link in bio Instagram tools should do this marketing strategy immediately. Another reason for you to use these tools for Instagram — they offer free plans or free trail!

Table of Contents

  • Why should you optimize Instagram bio link? To control your experience and biz
  • 1.
  • 2. Link.tree
  • 3. Linkin.Bio by Later
  • 4. Shorby
  • 5. Campsite
  • 6. Milkshake
  • What is the best link in bio tool for Instagram?

Why should you optimize Instagram bio link? — To control your experience and biz

Getting more than one link in bio for Instagram is impossible in the past. Additionally, you can’t add clickable links for individual posts. While there are so many creators and marketers that have to leverage Instagram for marketing and sales, it is such a tiring process to manually swap the bio link for every new campaign or your latest blog post. But you must fully know that you can’t give up marketing campaigns for your business on Instagram. Instead, you should find a way to extend the one-link limitations. That is the top reason you should optimize your Instagram bio link by using a perfect link in bio tool. And let’s discuss more why:

  • An optimized Instagram link in bio landing page helps to promote products, links to your websites, and ad campaign. Your audience must be very interested in your latest updates everywhere.

Here’s an example of link in bio landing page designed by, one of the tools listed below:

  • Connect to contents everywhere. With a great link in bio Instagram tool, you can have a single link to connect all your of contents, your blogs, pages, website, videos, music, store, and other social medias.
  • Drive traffic, increase followers, increase engagement, and boost your brand awareness for all your social media platforms, channels, and online contents — with only one single link on Instagram bio.
  • Drive sales and turn followers into customers. Statistics show that ads campaigns draw the attention of around half of Instagram users, and guide the followers to purchase.
  • Meet any budget, and even free. None of the link in bio Instagram tools featured below cost a pretty penny. You may use the free plan for many outstanding features.

So, let’s dive into the 7 best Instagram link in bio tools, which will surely make more sense next time when you ask your followers to check out your link in bio.

7 best Instagram link in bio tools all KOL should know

We list ourselves on the top for good reasons. is one of the best-known free link in bio tools for creating a clickable Instagram bio link and custom landing page that leads your followers to all important content of your business, including your online store, products, website, music, video, PayPal account, and social media platforms like Tik Tok, Facebook, YouTube, twitter, etc.

One link to connect all.

Once you sign up on , you can customize everything for your bio link, from a personalized URL to the theme of the page, the color, the icons and the links embeded. Your audience can easily click to view or shop through your link in bio. Better yet, you can view analytics for marketing strategy. is the best choice for creators, brands, and influencers to optimize IG bio link since it has all the key features other similar tools have, and it is easy to manage, simple but powerful, with a complete free version, and affordable premium plan.

Key features:

  • Add unlimited number of links to Instagram bio
  • Share directly to Tik Tok, Facebook, YouTube, and other social sites
  • Schedule links for a specific time
  • Highlight, prioritize, archive, and restore links
  • Add social icons
  • Customize layouts, themes, background, front, button, with your brand logo
  • Integrate with Facebook Pixel, TikTok Pixel, Mailchimp and Google analytics
  • Create your own meta for custom title and description
  • Powerful analytics
  • Low transaction fees
  • QR code for sharing

Pricing:’s free plan offers all vital functions. Pro plans with additional features is $4.99/month, and $50/yer if paid annually.


One of the earliest link in bio Instagram tools, Linktree is still many users’ favorite today. Creating a linktree for your Instagram profile, you can “link to everywhere”, be it your social site, blog, a specific product at your online store, or any service page. You can also share the customized URL from Linktree directly to other social media sites, including Tik Tok, YouTube Facebook, Twitch, etc.

The tool comes with both free and paid versions. The free version has some basic features, like adding links in bio and custom pre-designed themes. But you have to allow Linktree’s logo displayed on your landing page. The paid version offers more, including:

  • Schedule a link in the future
  • Draw audience’s attention to the most important link with animated styling
  • Collect email address and phone numbers
  • Embed latest Tweet & YouTube video
  • Lower transaction fees
  • Extend for customization on styles, themes, icons, and hide Linktree logo
  • Advanced analytics for clicks tracking, click-through rate, traffic your commerce links, etc.

Pricing: Start with free plan, or the paid plan that costs $5/month to $24/month.

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Linkin.Bio by Later

Later, an efficient Instagram marketing platform, creates this bio in link tool. It enables users to create a landing page on every individual Instagram post with clickable links for pages / products. 5 links at most are allowed to put on each post, promoting more products at one time and make every single post more engaged. And that’s not all. You can track with the Shopify integration which posts brought you sales.

If you already have a Later account, then you can simply sign in, to benefit from a social media scheduling tool and link-in-bio tool simultaneously. However, Linkin.Bio currently only works with Instagram. And, you can add only one link to your bio-in-link page, and others are assigned to your posts.

Key features:

  • Add multiple links to Instagram feed: clickable and shoppable
  • Up to 5 links per post / tap Shopify products
  • Schedule links
  • Link tracking for traffic and sales

Pricing: A free version with limited features is available. Paid plans start at $12.50/month.


Shorby is another powerful link-in-bio Instagram tool with features tailor-made for creators, influencers, and agencies looking to build a “smart page” filled with all their links. Customize the theme of your “Smart Page” to be visually appealing and add all your branding elements, including logo, brand name, content blocks, stickers, GIF, etc. 

Another awesome feature of Shorby, the “content feed” can automatically displays your latest updates like newest blog posts, eCommerce products, and more content from any platform that generates an RSS feed.

However, Shorby is the most expensive tool on the list.

Key features:

  • Highly customizable smart pages for color schemes, backgrounds, buttons, animated avatars, and more
  • Catchy “rich Links”, content blocks, and headlines to draw attention for click
  • Messenger “Click to Call” Functionality linking to phone number, Facebook Messenger, or else
  • Dynamic content feed automatically picks blog posts, Shopify/Etsyproducts, YouTube videos, and more
  • QR code generator
  • A custom domain
  • Insights for traffic tracking, clicks, and engagement rates

Pricing: A free 5-day trial is available. Paid plans start at $15/month for 5 Smart Pages (Bio Links). If you want more pages and features, you can invest in a $29/month plan,or a $99/month plan.


Designed with user-friendliness in minds, Campsite is one of the most easy-to-manage bio in link Instagram tools. Quite like and Linktree, Campsite also allows for adding unlimited links to your Instagram bio. A best feature of Campsite is that it lets you add an Instagram image to go with a short headline and complete with a link. Even better, with a Canva integration, you can customize images.

Enjoy optimizing your landing page using Campsite by customizing colors, logos, and font styles, to match your branding.

Key Features:

  • Link scheduling for a specific time.
  • Share contents/pages with a single link to followers in Instagram, Facebook,LinkedIn, email.
  • Multiple accounts.
  • Custom title and description to control your metadata.
  • Custom images for links
  • Access anaylitcs for a daily breakdown of clicks, and other user activities.
  • Retarget profile visitors with Google Ads and Facebook Pixel.

Pricing: Start with free plan, and buy the pro one that costs $7 per month after you fall in love with it.


Milkshake is more than a free link in bio tool, it is like a small Instagram website builder. Designed with Instagram mobile app in mind, it uses a series of customized “cards”, instead of a list of links, to create the website pages on Instagram. Each “card” that take up the entire screen can link to your online shop, social site, or blog website.

Your Instagram audience need to keep scrolling through cards (just like swiping though Instagram stories) to see more content and links.

Key Features:

  • Customize your cards with color and theme to suit your brand.
  • Integrate with email and messenger features to connect with your followers
  • The “buy” buttons directs your customer to sales pages.
  • Access insights and analytics for link clicks and card views.

Pricing: free to use. is much simpler than other tools, yet effective. It takes a minute for you to build a simple landing page with a classic layout perfect fit for Instagram’s UI design. It also emphasizes infinite links and accompanying images. While it has enough features as a bio in link tool for Instagram or Tik Tok, the drawback is also pretty obvious. There is only one landing page template, no customization for the moment.

Key features:

  • A random URL for free plan and a custom URL for paid plan
  • Unlimited links for Instagram bio
  • Schedule links
  • Cross-promote all channels
  • Link tracking and statistics
  • white label option

Pricing: free to use. The premium plan costs from $0.99/month or $9.99 /lifetime to $24.99/lifetime.

What is the best link in bio tool for Instagram?

That said, to add multiple links in Instagram bio should be a top priority for brands, influencers, creators, and marketers eager to cross promote social media profiles and increase followers, drive traffic and sales.

We get you 7 best in the list. All of them can get the job done effortlessly. What you should do is considering your budget, your branding style, and your priority needs. For Instagram specifically, is notable for its fully customizable page, unlimited link options, easy-to-use builder, the ability to schedule links, and in-depth analytics for clicks and traffic. Whether you are a small business or an influencer, is the most cost-effective solution for optimizing your Instagram bio link. And, is best alternative to Linktree.

If you haven’t already used, we invite you to experience the free plan today to see firsthand how you can overcome one-link limit on Instagram and improve all your social media profiles.

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