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Linkr vs Linktree: which is the best bio link tool?

If you haven’t used a bio link tool to drive traffic and promote products, the time to do it is now.

With the “link in bio”, you can create a linktree page, and add multiple links to your Instagram bio or any site that offer a mobile friendly website for your curious social media followers to find out more what you have to offer.

Amazingly, there are tons of bio link tools and apps for brands or influencers to choose from. Despite different features and themes, most of these tools are worth and very effective.

Linkr and Linktree are two of the best link in bio tools for Instagram and TikTok. While they are both great solutions for one-link limitation, has Linktree beat on pricing and overall features.

Keep reading on all-round comparison between the two platforms, including free plan, pro plan, pricing, monetization, advanced customization, analytics, and other features. And find more reasons you should choose Linkr over Linktree, like which link in bio tool is cheaper?

Overall Linkr vs Linktree comparison chart

As bio link tools, Linkr and Linktree shares most similar features, both with “helping users to create a linktree” in mind.

When you free sign up and head over to their dashboards, you can add various links, including website links, music links, video links, store links, support links, and affiliate links. And there are more fabulous features to explore for TikTok and insta bio:

CategoriesBio link tool, landing page builder, website builder, qr code generator, link in bio appBio link tool, landing page builder
Number of linksUnlimited links √Unlimited links√
Pro PriceUSD $9 per monthUSD $4.99 per month
Free PlanYes√Yes√
CustomizationAvailable on Free Plan √Pro Only√
Marketing IntegrationFacebook Pixel, Google Analytics, TikTok Pixel, Mailchimp IntegrationGoogle Analytics, Commerce Integrations, Facebook Pixel, Google Pixel, TikTok Pixel, UTM Parameters
Removal brand logoYes√Yes√
Advanced Link FeaturesSchedule link,Highlight & prioritize links, Archive, restore & pin linksSchedule link, spotlight link, redirect link, link lock, link form, RSS feed link
Social IconsYes√Yes√
Contact linksYes√Yes√
QR codeYes√Yes√
MonetizationNo transaction fee. 100% free.Minimum 0.5% transaction fees is charged by Linktree
PlatformsAvailable on All Social mediasAvailable on All Social medias

To summarize, some of the features Linkr beats Linktree are:

  • Linkr offers a bio link app for mobile phone users/subscribers
  • More customization features on free plan
  • Archive and pin links
  • No added fee for monetizing your social medias. The tips and donation you get from your fans and visitors are all yours!!
  • Lower pricing for pro plan

Get Started with for Free!

Linkr Free vs Linktree Free

With the overall comparison, you must have already found that has a big advantage over Linktree in this competition. Linkr is the best Linktree alternative. 

And, if you decide to start with a free version to build a landing page (that is what most users do), Linkr offers the most competitive FREE plan for your Instagram bio link. Let’s look at the comparison between the free versions that Linkr and Linktree offer.

Service timeForeverForever
Unlimited links
Link thumbnails
Social Icons
Embed videos
Embed music
Podcast links
Free themes
Custom profile picture & title + bio
Multiple Layouts
Archive links
Restore links
Pin links
Custom Header√(available in paid plan)
Custom Text
QR code generator
Monetization (Support Me)No transaction fees10%

To summarize, some of the features that Linkr Free Plan beats Linktree Free Plan are:

  • Linkr offers various layouts for users to design your link in bio landing page yourself
  • Archive, restore and pin links
  • Added text and header allows more control for a custom page
  • The new functionality of QR code generator allows you to generate QR code for FREE! It definitely helps your business online and on site.
  • No handling charge for the donation/tips you receive from fans

Linkr PRO vs Linktree PRO

You’ve probably determined which is the best bio link tool for you. And, this will become more clear as we look at the Pro version of Linktree and Linkr, and compare the pricing and features.

As for their paid plan, both these two platforms allows you to extend customization features, be able to efficiently analyze, and take full advantage of data that is critical to social media marketing strategy.

It is important to note that Linkr has a lot more ready-made themes than Linktree. As a reasult, Linkr is more suitable for you if you want to create your insta bio landing page quickly and easily.

PricingUSD $4.99/monthUSD $9/month
Promotion14 days free trial, and USD$50/year (17% off)USD $6 per month with annual plan (that makes USD $72 per year)
Number of linksUnlimited links √Unlimited links√
Premium themesAbout 140 premium themes, animated themes, GIF/Video backgroundAbout 10 premium themes, static background, custom theme
Advanced CustomizationPremium Themes, animated themes, Background/cards/color/button/ CustomizationPremium Themes, custom theme, animated themes, Background/color/button Customization, NFT profile image
Hide Brand Logo
Upload Own Brand Logo
Custom Meta
Marketing IntegrationFacebook Pixel, Google Analytics, TikTok Pixel, Mailchimp IntegrationGoogle Analytics, Commerce Integrations, Facebook Pixel, Google Pixel, TikTok Pixel, UTM Parameters
 Advanced AnalyticsDaily activity, Individual link analytics, social icons, locaions, referrer, device analyticsDaily activity, Individual link analytics, social icons, locaions, referrer, device analytics
Enhanced Link FeaturesSchedule link, Highlight & prioritize links, Archive, restore & pin linksSchedule link, spotlight link, redirect link, RSS feed link
Website builder√Create multiple Linkr website pages×Only one linktree landing page
MonetizationNo transaction fee. 100% free.2% transaction fees

Linkr pricing vs Linktree pricing: $4.99 vs $9

From here, Linkr and Linktree seem to go head-to-head for their Pro plan featurs. However, there is a big difference between their pricing and transaction fee for monetization. 

  • Linkr is $4.99 per month, nearly half what you pay Linktree. For similar features, it would be wiser for you to choose Linkr your link in bio tool.
  • Lintree charges 2% transaction fees for monetization features with Pro version. Linkr does not charge at all, even with free version.

To summarize, Linkr is cheaper than Linktree, and you can earn more money on Linkr.

Linkr vs Linktree customization features

ThemesPremium Themes (around 140), animated themesPremium Themes (about 10), custom theme, animated themes 
Background Customizationcustom image & video, solid color, gradientFlat color, gradient, custom image & video
Custom profile image, title and bio√Custom font, color√Custom profile image with Canva / NFT image
Card CustomizationCard color, title, front
Title CustomizationTitle front, color, icon color, and more
Multiple Layouts
Upload own brand logo
Custom title and description for link bio

In Linkr free version, there are a number of free themes and various free layouts, along with Text and Header, and custom thumbnails for each link, which can help build a practical and beautiful linktree page.

With Linkr pro plan, make your bio link website truly match your brand, using Linkr’s advanced customization features, including the premium and animated themes, custom background, custom cards, custom color, and upload your brand logo. >> Click to get inspired by Instagram bio link temple examples.  

Linkr vs Linktree Analytics

A fabulous feature of a link bio tool like Linkr or Linktree is that it introduces powerful data-analytics. Influencers, creators, brands, and business owners can keep better track of their link traffic and how their audience are interacting with the content. They can also adjust marketing strategy to further facilitate conversations and sales. 

Lifetime statistics
Day-to-day data
Individual link analytics
Device Analytics
Location Analytics
Referrer Analytics
Mailing Analytics
QR code Analytics

For this part, the two platforms seem go to deuce.  

Linkr app VS Linktree app

Perhaps the biggest drawback of Linktree is that it doesn’t have an app yet. You can only sigh up Linktree for web version, edit and update your linktree landing page with desktop.

Linkr starts immediately by offering users both web version and app version. The general idea of Linkr app is the exactly same as the web version, with the capability of addling and organizing your links, videos, and othe contents. Meanwhile, with your phone, be it iPhone or an Android device, you can create multiple websites.

Linkr app is especially helpful and convenient when you need to make minor update and adjustment.  

That said, Linkr makes the best Linktree alternative if you are looking for a link in bio app.

Linkr is updating to a new level with new features: QR code generator, website builder…

Linkr has Linktree beat on new features. Some of the features Linktree can’t match:

QR code generator

Easy website builder

  • For Linkr Pro subscribers, you can make multiple website pages.
  • Create more Linkr pages to promote your business, and better organize different types of links and contents.
  • No design or website building knowledge is required. 
  • Supports multiple content types: Wifi, website links, business card, text, social media accounts, etc.
  • Generate QR codes with various creative templates to attract more scanners.
  • Your audience can directly scan and access your link in bio through a Qr code.
  • Furthermore, the ability of custom your qr code is coming soon…

Ready to use Linkr to update your link bio?

Linktree or Linkr? The decision seem pretty easy to you now. Linkr is the best Instagram bio link tool and the best alternative to Linktree when it comes to overall features, free version, pricing, and value for money. Sign up Linkr now, and start to create the link in bio landing page that match you/your brand. No more feeling limiting of Instagram link, drive your audience to your sites, important products, posts and contents, via a single URL.

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