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Linkr Membership Services FAQs

What are Linkr Membership Services?

Linkr Membership Services are monetization tools for creators by setting up tiers of membership that your audience can choose to join. You can set a monthly price for each tier, and a list of benefits for members.

Fees for using Linkr Membership Services

Linkr Membership Services are available for both Linkr Pro and Free creators:
A 5% Linkr platform fee is charged.
Withdrawal fees from Payoneer also apply.

Manage Tiers

Adding Tiers

  • Enter Membership, click Set Up button or the round + icon to start;
  • Enter tier Name and Price per Month. Your tier price is the minimum price, but members can choose to pay more;
  • Add Benefits to reward members who join the tier. You can create your own, or choose from the list of ideas. This is optional, but recommended to make your tier more attractive;
  • Add a Description and tier Image (optional). Use the Description to introduce your tier with more details and mention anything you want members to know about benefits;
  • Set a Welcome Message that new members will see when their first payment completes;
  • Enable the checkbox of Request Supporter’s Address if you plan on offering physical rewards;
  • You can enable “Limit the Number of People” who can join if the benefits are limited;
  • Enable the Tier so that it shows on your first Linkr Page.

After setting up your tier, you can preview or share your tier on social media so that your audience can get it.

Modifying Tiers

You can modify your tier’s name, price, and other parameters whenever you want.
Changing the price of a tier will not change the amount existing members are paying, it will only affect the amount paid by new members.

Deleting Tiers

Deleting tiers will lead to the cancellation of active membership subscriptions. You’d better tell your members before deleting.

When will tier members get charged?

Members get charged immediately when they join a tier to become a member and then every calendar month until cancelled.

Renewals happen on the same day each month e.g. if a new member signs up on the 15th of November, they will be charged again (and you will receive the payment) on or very close to the 15th of December.

If the renewal payment does not succeed we automatically retry two times every five days. If the second retry still fails, it will be regarded as the failure of this payment.

Binding posts to membership tiers

By binding your posts to certain tiers, you can decide which member groups can view your content so that you can get earnings by providing exclusive content.

When will I get paid?

When someone becomes a member, they pay you directly so you get the money instantly in your Linkr Wallet. Memberships renew monthly on (or very close to) the day of the month the member first paid you.

Withdrawing your earnings

Enter Linkr Wallet, add a Payoneer account, and then enter the payout amount. We will deal with your withdrawal application in no more than two working days.

How to close your membership?

If you want to disable the whole membership service, go to Membership > More, and switch off the Membership status button. No audience can see your membership on your page, but current subscribers can still enjoy members’ benefits.
Deleting a tier will forcibly cancel active subscriptions.

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