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What is social media eCommerce?

Within the last few years, social media platforms have started offering ad services that allow consumers to shop for an item they see on social media with one click.

This fast-growing social commerce market is expected to reach nearly $315.5 billion U.S. by the end of 2021.What this data amounts to is that social media is not just a destination for posting content and driving traffic, but a powerful means of converting followers into customers. 

Brands seem to recognize that too, as they increasingly form partnerships with social platforms where consumers spend their downtime.

With Facebook and Instagram Shops, small business owners can host product pages and make sales within the social media platforms. Customers discover brands, browse, and make purchases without ever leaving the app.

Thus, the business world is optimistic about the rise of social media in e-commerce. According to the same report, security and privacy are the biggest concerns which are hindering mass adoption, however, customers are steadily becoming more open to shopping directly through social media. 

It is time to gather a team of professionals and weave a social media marketing strategy to get started. Let us learn some of the effective ways social marketing helps e-commerce establishments.


Set up your Facebook page like a proper landing page that can attract some consumers. Listing products on Facebook fanpage is a quick and easy way for you to discover users who are interested in your product. Once a user is interested, they will send you a direct message on messenger and then you can sell directly, you can also guide them to your website or shop online. Then the next step would be to grow your page.


Instagram has an excellent shop feature. It’s no surprise that Instagram introduced Instagram Shopping, a feature that allows users to tap on images and stories to view products featured on it. You can actually create a landing page so that it mimics your Instagram feed and your followers can simply tap on the photo they were interested in purchasing, allowing followers to essentially shop individual posts. This is usually the best bio link solution for businesses looking to promote specific products.


If we link an article that adds value to the user, we have more chances that a content is shared by influencers and get the attention of a much larger audience than your followers suppose.

This is one of the most important benefits of the microblogging network: you can talk to any type of user, have many or few followers and become an ambassador for our brand in the future.

More people are turning to social media for product recommendations and reviews. So, naturally, the concept of native social commerce sprouted up. E-commerce and social media are becoming more intertwined by the day. As time goes on, this union is going to be even more interesting.

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