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The complete guide to Instagram stories for your business

Instagram story is a format that combines photos, videos, text, or stickers in a creative whole. It is a short-lived form of content that lasts for only a few seconds and disappears completely after 24 hours. It is the first glance that your Instagram followers will see once they open the Instagram app. 68% of people become more interested in a brand or product after seeing it in a story. This is one of the major reasons why you must use Instagram stories for promoting your business.

Create an instagram story

The best Instagram story dimensions are with aspect ratio 9:16. For example, you can use: Story photos size: 1080px width x 1920px height, Story high-definition video: 1080px width x 1920px height, to create an instagram story, you can

1、Open Instagram on your phone.

2、Click on the camera icon at the top left, or just swipe right.

3、That’s the Stories option. Click an image, a video, or swipe up to add pictures from your gallery!

Instagram stories idea

Sure, Stories are fun and super engaging, how do you actually make your audience stop tapping forward and engage with your Stories? we may have some ideas for you!

Collaborate with other small businesses: know someone who has a similar audience? Partner up for some cross promotion or do an Instagram takeover to help get each other’s goods in front of a new audience. 

Always go vertical: Instagram has reported that content explicitly designed for Stories almost always performs better than “cross-posted” or non-optimized Stories. One easy way to get in sync with your Stories is to shoot your photos and videos vertically. Nothing looks less polished than the black bars of death on a non-optimized horizontal video. 

Use stickers: Use Instagram stickers to make brand messages interesting occasionally. There is no need to maintain plain text when there is a chance to apply stickers. Your business page followers could follow it up by responding with stickers making the conversation fun.

Showcasing your new products: You can use Instagram Stories to showcase new products or services. This is a good way of subtle marketing and generating interest about your offerings. For example, you can give people tips on using your products or, even better, show them what they can create or do.

Brand events & announcements: Any new updates should be shared in your stories! Allow your followers to follow along with (and reply to) any changes. If you’ve made a connection, they may even reach out just to share their excitement with you!

As you can see, using Instagram Stories is pretty straight-forward and there are dozens of benefits to them. It gives freedom and flexibility to your Instagram marketing, despite the ongoing changes in the platform and to-use behaviour.

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