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Instagram link in bio: all you need to Know

Link in bio tools are a clever way to bridge the gap between Instagram content and business growth. Maybe everyone have probably seen it many times from famous influencers and brands on instagram. Whether an influencer or a brand Instagram account, it’s a good way to get more followers. Here is everything about the link in bio.

What does link in bio mean?

Influencers usually have a URL link in the bio – this is the only place on Instagram where they can have an active hyperlink. But there is one critical problem with this. Maybe they want to showcase several pages to their profile visitors! Thus, this link should be used to send Instagram followers to the most ideal location. This can be a facebook fan page, a contact way, a product website, or other landing page. To accurately track clicks, a custom link-in-bio tool is needed. 

What are the Benefits of using bio link?

That precious link in Instagram bio is like a magic portal: users can use it to drive traffic to their website and product landing pages or to help followers find out more about services. Let’s see the other benefits of using link in bio!

Responsive designs

Link in bio is highly customizable. Select from pre designed themes, layouts, or upload images as background to create a page that matches personality style and brand perfectly. 

Improve traffic quality 

A link to a separate landing page is an easy way to segment the audience. Instead of directing all traffic to the site, send users to different pages. It’s an effective way to analyze the targeted traffic.

In-depth analytics

With bio link tool, everyone can be a data analyst. Valuable insights including clicks, page views and sales from each link will be tracked. Users can also measure their business objectives with the integration of Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel, no coding required!

How to put a link in Instagram bio

Instagram only allows one clickable link, which appears at the bottom of the bio. Most Instagramers display their URL, which makes sense if the goal is to drive traffic to their site. Here is how to put a link in instagram bio:

  1. Log into Instagram account
  2. Go to profile
  3. Click on “edit profile” on profile’s dashboard
  4. Click on “website” to enter a link in the blank space and submit.
  5.  The changes made will be saved

Is it easy enough? Cross-promoting social media via other socials is a great idea as it can expand the reach. It’s also easy to add or update the link on other social media platforms. Here is how to put a link in Facebook bio:

1. Log into Facebook and open Facebook fanpage

2. Go to the About page on profile

3. Click on Contact and basic info

4. Click on + Add a website and fill  URL in the Website address field

5. Don’t forget to save the change

TikTok is an unstoppable juggernaut of social media, all of the world is obsessed with it. Ready to know how to put a link on the world’s most popular platforms?

1. Log into TikTok 

2. Click on Manage Account

3. Click on Edit profile

4. Paste link URL into the Website field and save

How to use the Instagram bio link effectively

Are there any tips for using the instagram link in bio effectively? Of course there are. Let’s roll!

  • Promote a sale or discount.
  • Draw attention to the product launch.
  • Link to the most popular product or work.
  • Invite people to participate in a contest or gift giveaway.
  • Send people to the upcoming event or campaign..
  • Direct people to a video or podcast.
  • Offer a free sample of the product.

What kind of people like to use link in bio?

Small business owner

Once the online shops or websites are set up, it’s time to link it to Instagram. Actually it’s easy to create a landing page so that it mimics the Instagram feed and followers can simply tap on the photo they were interested in purchasing, allowing followers to essentially shop individual posts. This is usually the best bio link solution for businesses looking to promote specific products. It’s the most effective way to use Instagram to drive more web traffic and more sales. 


By showcasing the awesome artwork, it’s able to convert social media followers to being true fans of art.

Whether musicians, writers, photographers or painters, they all want as many people to be able to know and share their works as possible, and in many cases, this means bringing them to the Spotify page or other website seamlessly through a story link or a bio link.

Influencer&Live streamer

Most social media influencers and live streamers are prominent on multiple platforms. By strategically using Link in bio, they can bring their followers to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram,Twitch or any other social media and live stream platform. By using this, followers can find influencers they like on all platforms with ease. is the best all-in-one bio link for creators, brands & influencers. Supercharge the Link in bio on Instagram, Tik Tok, Youtube. is an amazing solution for creators to monetize audiences and drive traffic. More than 1,000,000 social media creators around the world trust

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