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6 Reasons Why Your TikTok Is Not Getting Views! (How To Fix!)

no views on tiktok

Making a high-quality video and uploading it to TikTok only to receive no views on TikTok videos are quite unpleasant. 99% of people get hundreds or millions of views. But the remaining 1% of TikTok users have no views. Suppose you are one of the unfortunate people wondering why you are not getting views on TikTok. We can guarantee that 0 views are always a bug because of how the TikTok algorithm operates. And this error will occur sooner or later.

However, many users have recently been having the same problem: they aren’t receiving any views on their Tiktok videos. Investing a lot of effort into creating a Tiktok video might be unpleasant. Anyone encountering this issue may get frustrated and believe that you can do nothing to resolve it. But you may make the required tweaks to ensure that your TikTok video receives the views it merits by carefully reviewing each item on this list below. We hope this article will help you to achieve the level of popularity you desire using the trending TikTok hashtags.

6 Reasons No Views on Tiktok

Many Tiktok users usually think their videos are not getting enough views instead of doing something about how to fix 0 views on tiktok 2022. Many users refuse to accept that the problem is related to their videos. For that reason, we are come up with the following reasons contributing to 0 views on your Tiktok videos.

1. Check Your Language

Your videos may get zero views on TikTok because they are a touch too sexual or just unpleasant and hateful. As with every social media network, TikTok avoids politics and makes every effort to prevent divisiveness, as stated explicitly in the Community Guidelines.

2. Completion Rate

The completion rate is the percentage of viewers viewing your TikTok videos. An extremely low completion rate for a video indicates that the intended audience does not enjoy the video’s subject matter.
The problem with the TikTok algorithm is that it only rewards content that the target audience finds appealing. Additionally, the video completion rate is among the most vital indicators of viewer interest.

The only method to improve your TikTok completion rate and start receiving views is to do that. What, therefore, can you do to improve your completion rate? Start producing captivating and distinctive material to encourage viewers to watch your videos.

3. New User

You should exercise patience if you are a new user of this social networking app because it will undoubtedly take some time before you begin to receive views. The TikTok app restricts new users’ activities to protect your platform from bots and false accounts. New users should care about whom they are following and from whom they are getting inspired to make videos. Always ensure to follow the positive and trendy content.

It’s crucial for new users to go slowly and to have a thorough profile that includes:

  • Profile picture
  • Unique & interesting bio
  • Following other TikTok users 
  • Good username

4. Using Cheap VPN

Do you utilize a VPN when using the TikTok app? A cheap VPN might damage your TikTok account, resulting in fewer views for your videos.

Phony accounts or bots may access TikTok through VPNs. Your account may be at risk if you use the same VPN as those criminal actors and somehow acquire their IP address. The inexpensive VPN also has certain additional hazards, such as data and identity theft. You need to take care of this factor to avoid the situation of 0 views on your videos.

5. Is the Content Original to You?

The TikTok video policy should be your first point of consideration. The program will detect if you post a video to TikTok that is not your own. After that, it will prevent the video from being uploaded, so even if you watch it 1,000 times, it won’t register as being viewed. Thus, you must ensure that all of the content you publish on TikTok is original to you.

titkok influencer dancing

6. Your Video Under Review

Another typical reason you are receiving 0 views on your TikTok video is that your video is under review. It indicates that the video’s watch count will be a huge, fat 0. Anything considered political, inflammatory, or traditionally sexual will be denied by the platform, which is quite stringent about what is permitted. Always check to see if the video you wish to submit will work with the normal TikTok algorithms before posting it.

To determine if your publishing content will be appropriate for TikTok, you may need to do some reading. It is a frequent problem since it might be challenging to get information that is being reviewed and authorized. TikTok users cannot view the content under review; it must first be cleared and authorized.

If not, you can be requested to alter the video or remove it. However, receiving five review tags on your first five videos will make it difficult for your account to develop genuine impressions.

How to Get Views on TikTok With No Followers?

Your video may have zero views for various reasons, some good and some bad. You control some of these, but not all of them. By properly understanding what controls TikTok to disturb your video, you can make the changes to solve the problem of how to fix 0 views on TikTok 2022. Note that TikTok uses artificial intelligence to scan the content of your uploaded videos and get to know whether you are doing anything wrong before anyone sees it. Here are the 10 tips to know how to get views on TikTok with no followers.

how to get more views on tiktok

Use Popular Hashtags

Use trending TikTok hashtags on your TikTok videos the same way you would on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Hashtags will help you get noticed and attract users’ attention, increasing your videos’ views. Assuming you share funny stuff on your account, you may use hashtags like #funny, #funnyvideo, #laughter, and so on.

You may go through the trending TikTok hashtags other artists use and trendy videos to obtain ideas for the popular hashtags.

The most trending hashtags on TikTok

Collaborate With Other TikTok Users

Collaboration with other famous TikTok users is one of the finest strategies to increase the number of views on your TikTok videos. The collaboration will help you get noticed by the audience of those collaborators and will boost your followers quickly. You may become immediately famous when you work with well-known influencers, but doing so is not always straightforward. Start producing excellent content if you want to get to the point where a well-known influencer would work with you.

Collaborating with people on the same level as you is an additional strategy. It will raise your views and expose your work to a new audience.

No Copied Content Survive

In keeping with the community guidelines, it’s a typical error to download someone else’s video, remove the watermark, and then post it to your account without crediting the original uploader or creating a duet or parody. If you did that, your TikTok views would likely remain at 0. There is no middle ground between you and the TikTok algorithm. TikTok explicitly states that videos will be eliminated unless they are response, parody, or fan page videos with author credit.

Content marketing

Separate Your Accounts

Two different TikTok accounts on the same smartphone might cause issues, even though this is not officially acknowledged. Try changing a phone number on one of your SIM cards if you have both and are utilizing two slots.

Viewing Time

TikTok uses a video’s watch time and completion rate to gauge its performance. If you’re wondering why your videos on TikTok aren’t receiving any views, the algorithm may be doing so based on these two criteria.

When your account is first created, it is in the test phase. If the completion rate is subpar now, you could not be obtaining any views as a result. The best way to address this problem is to raise the caliber of your material and upload your videos at the best times to post on TikTok. To keep viewers interested till the finish, employ trends and narrative.

Use TikTok’s editor

Your videos on TikTok might not receive any views if you submit them from your laptop or another location instead of using the camera on your smartphone. The next time, click the plus sign (+) on your profile to record a 15-second video. The following day, the number of views should climb.

Niche Down Your Topic

You may increase the number of views on your TikTok videos by selecting a specialty and knowing the best times to post on TikTok. Ensure that you choose a specialty by exploring the many TikTok categories. Please refrain from often changing the subject of your films. Because if you continually switch up your niche, you’ll only receive a small number of views, and your videos will come across poorly. In other words, if you want to compete in a niche, you must have excellent content and a solid marketing plan.


Avoid Inappropriate Content

TikTok is quite strict about adhering to the platform guidelines. Anything inappropriate, including profanity, nudity, and political material, is strictly prohibited. The TikTok algorithm has the power to prevent an account from receiving additional views if it even contains moderately dubious content.

Therefore, you must review the content you publish to see whether it is objectionable. Using your statistics will assist you in determining why you are receiving no views on TikTok. Once you identify the video(s) that are reducing your view count, you may start to rebuild your account with relevant and worthwhile material.

Interact With Audience

The TikTok algorithm is capable of identifying engagement. Therefore, you must encourage your audience to discuss your films with their ideas. Once your viewers have completed their task and left comments on your videos, don’t forget to respond to them. A two-way street is a conversation. Therefore, to increase your TikTok view count, avoid letting your audience engage in self-promotion in the comments.

Upload Good Quality Video

It should go without saying that the better your TikTok videos are, the more successful they will be on the site. Even if a video is unclear or of low quality, it should still get at least a few views, though probably not many.

There is no lack of high-quality footage to show viewers. Because of this, low-quality videos could only get a lot of exposure if they are really interesting and get favorable feedback. Even low-quality videos shouldn’t remain unwatched; therefore, it’s important to understand how to improve yours.

We Help You to Become TikTok Hero from Zero!

TikTok is the right place if you are trying to become a social media influencer or advertise your business online. However, getting the appropriate amount of views is the most important thing. But not always; you can get several views that hinder you from becoming an influencer. There must be mistakes from your end due to which Tiktok is supporting your account. No views on TikTok videos are the most common problem for beginners keen to hit millions of views.

There are multiple things that every user needs to understand to get popularity, especially when you are new to TikTok or haven’t uploaded your original content. If you are using others’ content or their voice, then you need to tag the original creator of the content. Avoid hatred, criticism, harassment, and any other offensive activity.

We are here with tips on how to fix 0 views on TikTok 2022, which can help you to increase your TikTok video views and start getting noticed by the audience. We hope this information will guide you properly with why you are getting 0 views on your TikTok videos. We have mentioned the appropriate solutions also to help you become a successful influencer. After understanding the reasons for 0 views and how to fix them properly, you can make some changes to your TikTok account and perform accordingly. 

Contact us today if you still feel like knowing more. 

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