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What is Linkr?

What is Linkr: features, pricing, reviews

Did you know? Instagram influencers now can leverage the single link in bio to take followers to their website and online store, and convert traffic to sales.

Linkr, the best bio link tool, contributes to that triumph. It makes an incredibly easy (and free) solution to the one link limit of Instagram. Simply put, it allows an account of any size to add multiple links to IG profile. Additionally, you can put the “link in bio” on TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, or any other social platforms, to share your important pages, posts, products, and anything.

By far, 1,000,000+ social media influencers, creators and brands are using Linkr to promote their business and content, and see unambiguous results.

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  • What is linkr?

What is Linkr – the best Instagram bio link tool

Linkr is an all-in-one Instagram link-in-bio tool, a website builder and link store builder, with both website version and app version available for iOS, Android and desktop users.

Designed with easiness and user-friendliness in mind, Linkr features a simple and clean interface that helps you easily make a linktree and share unlimited links in bio with a single URL.

With a few clicks, you can create a mobile-optimized landing page for your brand and business. When a visitor click your page, they find a well organized array of links and social icons. From here, the visitor can head over to your website, online store, Spotify music playlist, YouTube videos, blog posts, product promotions, yummy recipes, social media profiles, and more.

Your visitors, wherever they are, can explore all your contents without ever leaving the landing page.

Linkr has a forever complete free plan with many custom options that beat other Linktree alternatives. The PRO version let you extend customization features. On the customizable landing page, you can select from over 100 themes and mutilple layouts, custom color, font and background image to match your personality or brand. Also consider custom SEO setting to let more audience discover your page.

Linkr is an ideal Ins bio tool for influencers and creators to cross-promote social platforms. It is also a must for bloggers who wish to direct social traffic Instagram and TikTok to individual posts, articles, and the entire content. Enterprises, brands, and small business owners can use Linkr page to turn followers into customers, and drive sales!

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Linkr Features

A powerful Instagram bio link tool, Linkr has all its features to serve for a social bio landing page that is bound to draw your visitors’ attention and lead them to discover more of your content.

So let’s dive into overall Linkr features offered on free or PRO subscription one by one, and see what useful benefits you can enjoy.

Add unlimited number of links to bio

This is an essential and prominent feature that Linkr has introduced for all its users, making it  truly a free link in bio tool.

It enables you to add a few links or a lot of links in bio. Then, you can have a short linktree or a long linktree on the landing page. The links can be your music embed, website links or products — you name it. Besides that, you can put a handful of social icons on your website to make a connection with different socials. You can always rearrange the links and icons, and pin links, to prioritise important links. Then for more attractive carrd links, you can make the links catchy by uploading thumbnail images.

If you buy a linkr PRO subscription, you can enjoy the enhanced link features, to schedule link for a specific time, to highlight & prioritize links, archive & restore links.

Custom Domain

No one would miss this free feature. Custom domain is really helpful for creators, influencers, and brands to set yourself apart, and get your follower recognize your brand/website at the first sight.  

Custom Design

Linkr has carefully developed the customization features for paid bio-link users. For free users, you can maximize the use of over ten default themes and four layouts (and our designers are developing more). And, for PRO subscribers, you can have much more control of your link in bio website.

By using over 100 premium themes, custom backgrounds images, colors, fonts, button styles (cards), and other page customization options, you can create a beautiful link bio landing page. Also make sure you upload your own brand logo to give your visitors a on brand experience.

You probably wish to get inspired by Linkr bio link templates or best landing page examples.

Text and Header

This is a new and unique feature that Linkr developers recently give to its users, and free. You are able to add a header block or/and a text block on any place of the page, and even edit the format. For example, you can write some greeting words to your audience, and put along the bottom.


Advanced analytics is also essential for an Instagram bio link tool. Linkr analytics promises to step your social media marketing game up a notch, provided you use it properly and effectively.

linkr provides you with lifetime statistics for free. If you buy a PRO plan, you also get insight of day-to-day deta of your visitor to Linkr bio. Then your marketing team can completely analyze views, clicks, CTR, and average time on click for each link based on different locations, referrals, social icons, and devices.


Another benefit you can have from Linkr Insta link tool is to accept donation and tips from your fans. Simply add the “Support Me” item. It is a good way to supercharge your link in bio on instagram, Tik Tok, Youtube, and other socials. The best part, Linkr won’t charge any transaction fee (Linktree charges 10% ).

Share with a QR code

You can share your bio link on Instagram, TikTok, and other platform with a QR code, super cool. Other ideas to use the link bio QR code include: your business card, a flyer for a upcoming event, a promotional video, etc.

Better yet, Linkr team is developing custom QR codes, so you can design yourself for your branding.

Other features:

  • Link scheduling
  • Embed music/videos from YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music, Twitch, Vimeo, and more.
  • Google Analytics, Facebook pixel and TikTok Pixel Integrated for massive data tracking
  • Mailchimp integration for email marketing
  • SEO setting for custom title tags and description
  • Add affiliated links, referral link
  • Remove Linkr brand logo, and add own brand logo
  • Easily share to Instagram bio, and TikTok, Facebook, Twitter profiles

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Linkr Pricing 

As we touched earlier, Linkr provides free plan for starters and small-time influencers. You don’t have to spend a penny to add a “link in bio” to social profiles, and grow audience and drive traffic.

Often, most of our users purchase a Pro plan soon later when they’ve built a bigger follower base, or when they wish to offer their visitors a more personalized or on-brand experience.

Free Plan — USD $0.00 / month

Forever free, the plan is perfect enough for your bio link. You can add all links to bio, from website links to music videos. Easily design the landing page with free themes, fonts, layouts, and your domain.

Pro Plan — USD $4.99 / month, USD $50.00 /year

Linkr paid users can access to all the premium themes, various customization features, and advanced analytics. You can get your landing page to a higher level, and maximize the conversions of the leads from Instagram.

It is wise to make the annual payment that saves 17%.


The best Instagram bio link tool, linkr is highly recommended by its users. There are numerous positive reviews, for examples:

  • “it is just like a great time with a library of all my links”
  • “I purchased the PRO subscription, cheaper than other ins bio tools. It is definitely worthy.“
  • “No issues for download or usage. Everything is great so far.”
  • “I m surprised the app truly got free followers for my insta account… thanks”
  • “I get all need for FREE, but considering to update for the pro subscription for custom background.”

If you have to name some drawbacks, Linkr doesn’t have the RSS feed link or custom theme for the current version. But it is quite enough for you to share multiple links in bio, and make a beautiful page with over 100 premium and animation themes. Let alone, there are other versatile features. And, the team is working on the new features.

Final Thoughts

Tired of swapping bio link over time? Linkr offers an easy and free solution to Instagram’s one link problem. Now you need only one URL to connect your audience with all your platforms, websites, contents and offerings. Join Linkr for free today!

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