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How to use Instagram link in bio to drive traffic: 9 effective ways using free tools

Is link in bio on Instagram a good way to drive traffic and conversations for business? Not only the juicy gossip but also the cold hard analytics have given a positive answer.

As much as you love to use Instagram posts to showcase your brand or talent, you will also love to leverage Instagram bio link to drive traffic, as well as sales, from this platform to your websites and online store.

So in this blog, we show you how to use your link in bio on Instagram to its fullest potential with 9 effective ways. And turn your followers into customers by

What does “link in bio” mean on Instagram?

When your audience find your Instagram profile, they find your link in bio that is the link shown below the biography. It can be your website URL, a link of your latest blog post, or a new product, and a lot better yet, a landing page with all your important links.

Here’s an example from the Neblio Official with their link in bio created on Linkr,bio.

When your followers click your link in bio landing page, they will be redirected to your all your contents, other social profiles, events, interviews, news, products, portfolio… It is a huge opportunity for influencers, business owners, and content creators to grow audience and increase sales.

Your followers’ journey is like:

– Your followers / visitor are interested in a product in your post, where you have written “this product is available in my link in bio”.

– So they head for your Instagram profile.

– They click through the link you put, to your linktree page that beautifully display all your links.

– They go check your online store to buy the product, or go wherever they like to learn more about your business and service.

If you are still no sure how powerful the link in bio on Instagram is, keep reading on how to use lnstagram link in bio to drive traffic effectively.

9 effective ways to use Instagram link in bio to drive traffic and sales

1. Cross-promote social channels

Regardless of how many social media platforms you are active on, you will want to put them all into one URL, so that you followers can access everything by tapping on one link. Invest in a link-in-bio tool to create a linktree page will really pay off.

Let’s say, you have tens of thousands of followers on Instagram, but you are new to TikTok. The best way to drive your followers from Instagram and other social sites to TikTok is using Instagram link in bio.

2. A Mini Website Builder

A link in bio tool like Linkr is like a mini (and free) website builder to help create a personalized landing page easily. It takes only several minutes. You can design yourself, customize the URL, upload your brand logo, and add unlimited number of links along with images and stickers.

3. Access prioritized pages of your website

This is probably the most important way how brands and content creators use their link. You can have a linktree within the homepage of your website, the newest published blogs, the articles you’ve mentioned on your Instagram posts, the FAQ page, and your contacts.

Highlight the links and pin the most prioritized to the top can draw your audience’s attention and more clicks and views.

Neblio uses his page to include their website, news, updates and projects.

4. Add videos from YouTube or TikTok

For any influencers, make the most of your videos from YouTube, IGTV or TikTok with a link in bio page. After all you’ve spent a lot of time to film a video and edit it, and you’ve posted it with a great passion. The links will be shown with a catching screenshot. So your audience will be attracted visually, and then they click, more traffic are increased!

5. Embed Spotify or Soundcload Music

For musicians and bands that look to a way to share their music and music videos, the link in bio landing page can work it out perfectly. Simply paste you link from Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music or other resources, you can have your profile, playlist, new songs shown. And they will be heard by your followers and fans.

6. Direct followers to Shopify store or E-commerce

If you haven’t use Instagram bio link to sell products, the time to do it is now. Whether you have an online shop on Shopify or other e-commerce platform, you can lead your followers to shop individual posts (links). You can also increase sales and promote business by rolling out a current discount, an upcoming sales promotion, highlight a new product launch, and pin to the top your best-sellers.  

7. Share blog posts

It is also the best bio link solution for bloggers looking to drive traffic to their individual blog pages. On Linkr, we have many users who are content bloggers, travel blogger and food bloggers. They use their link in bio page to highlight recent pieces of content. The users also drive their followers and readers to anything interesting and useful.

8. Monetize your Instagram presence or for fundraising

Business, influencers and artists on Instagram alike sometimes fundraise for a clause or need support from their fans. If it is the case for you or your brand, you can add the “Support Me” or donation box. Provided you have already have many followers, the link in bio can connect them and your dreams / projects directly.

9. Access Analytics

Is it possible that you can know how each of your links perform and which links drive the most traffic? The answer is yes, provided you use a Instagram bio tool like linkr. It offers insight into views, clicks, and other data, and combine with Google Analytics, Facebook & TikTok pixels. You’d like to check more of your audience’ behaviors on your bio link. By doing this, you can highlight your important contents and retarget your audience. After all, the more targeted your link are, the more traffic will be driven.

How to set up a Link in Bio Langing Page on

Now that you know how to use Instagram bio link to drive traffic to your website or online store, and how it determines the conversions. Let’s learn the steps create a bio in link landing page using Linkr. It is one of the best free link in bio Instagram tools. This is also the way how to add multiple linkt to Instagram.

1, Sign up on with an email address and password, or with your Google, Facebook, or TikTok account, or your Apple ID.

2, Add links one by one to create a linktree: enter each URL with a title, and an image (optional). reorganize them by order of priority or importance.

3, Add social icons to link to Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, Linked in, phone, and more.

4, Design your Linkr page, choosing from the popular templates, default layouts, custom background, and finish with your profile picture and profile name.

Here, get inspired by 15 best examples of link in bio landing page desgined by

5, Share or add the link to your Instagram bio.

Ready to optimize your Instagram link in bio to the next level and use it effortlessly to drive traffic and boost sales? It is time to set up a link in bio landing page, adding multiple links and social channels, and save time using Turn your Instagram bio link into a powerful traffic driver. Try it free today and forever.

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